Linux Installation 0.5.5

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Minimum Version: v0.5.5 - Sep. 1, 2014

Linux support is minimal and really only indirect support via Wine. See for more information.

Installation via Wine

These steps were only tested on 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10 and may not fully work on or apply to other distributions or versions of Linux. You can email if you have any trouble.

  1. You need to install Wine 1.5 (development version) since the stable 1.4 version doesn't run Synekism reliably (or at all in most cases).
  2. Just run the Windows Synekism installer via Wine.
  3. The installation should run without issue and basically follows normal Windows installation.
  4. After the installer finishes, you need to alter the Synekism shortcut to force DirectX 9 since DirectX 10 does not work properly on Wine.
    1. Right-click on the shortcut created by the installer and go to Properties.
    2. Go to the Basic tab.
    3. Under Command, add -dx9 at the very end. The complete Command should look something like this:
      env WINEPREFIX="/home/<username>/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\ \(x86\)\\Synekism\\bin\\Synekism.exe -dx9
    4. You can also start Synekism via terminal like so:
      wine C:\\Program\ Files\ \(x86\)\\Synekism\\bin\\Synekism.exe -dx9

Some notes:

  • When you hover over your saved cities in the city selection menu the paths shown in the tooltips will be paths relative to the virtual Windows C drive and not Linux paths. Normally, Wine installs this virtual Windows drive under:
  • Next few releases will attempt to make the installation process a bit cleaner and improve support so things should get better over time.
  • For more command line arguments see: Command Line.
  • Good luck.