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Welcome to the Synekism Wiki!

Synekism is a city simulation video game focused on dynamic content generation and 3D gridless environments.

This wiki hopes to serve as the main source of information on anything Synekism-related. We just started the wiki so it will take some time for us to fill it up. Also note that the game itself is quite young so there isn't that much information to begin with. This lack of content will change over time.

For now, this is a static wiki meaning only we, the people responsible for Synekism, will make edits and add pages. This is mostly because we simply don't have time to moderate a wiki right now and because there isn't that much user-generated knowledge out there yet. It will also ensure all information show here is accurate and complete. Obviously we didn't choose a wiki approach to keep it closed forever. We do plan to open it for public contribution eventually.

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